Aluminum Stage Barriers / Concert Barriers are used for crowd control in all kinds of events, such as music festivals, concerts, shows, sporting event, firework displays, film premieres, exhibition and other indoor or outdoor events. Concert barriers offer optimum safety whilst also maintaining the crowds comfort.

AEOMESH Stage Barrier is made of ALUMINUM 6000 series, which is large intensity, anti rust and maintenance-free. Considering different event needs, AEOMESH offers many types of stage barriers, for example, general type, door type, corner type, cable path type etc.



2.Surface Treatment: Mill Finish, Powder Coated, etc.

3.Installation: foldable, locks systems, bolts

4.Application:Crowd control management in all kinds of events both indoor&outdoor, such as concerts, sports, political events ,parades, weddings,premieres etc.


1.All aluminum sections are customed specially for the concert barriers

2.Stifferners inside aluminumsections to reinforce the structures

3.Sturdy welded parts for long-lasting lifetime

4.Bolts-Free system design to connect base plate and vertical plate and enhance security

5.Special step plate design to prevent personnel from falling backwards though stepping on the edge

6.Customed antiskid plate to strengthen the base plate without damage under high pressure

7.Top Rail Cover to prevent nipping by the small seams between two barriers


Item No.

AEO-K1                 (GENERAL TYPE)1.0m(L) x 1.2m(H) x 1.2m(D)32.7kg/SET
AEO-K2                   (CORNER TYPE)
1.5m(L) x 1.2m(H) x 1.2m(D)35.7kg/SET
AEO-K3     (NEGATIVE 22° CORNER)1.0m(L)X1.2m(H)26kg/SET
AEO-K4      (45°NEGATIVE CORNER)1.0m(L)X1.2m(H)21kg/SET
AEO-K5       (45°POSITIVE CORNER)1.0m(L)X1.2m(H)19kg/SET
AEO-K6             (RIGHT DOOR TYPE)1.0m(L) x 1.2m(H) x 1.2m(D)32kg/SET
AEO-K7               (LEFT DOOR TYPE)
1.0m(L) x 1.2m(H) x 1.2m(D)32kg/SET
AEO-K8            (RIGHT WHEEL GATE)2m(L)X1.2m(H)65kg/SET
AEO-K9             (LEFT  WHEEL GATE)2m(L)X1.2m(H)65kg/SET
AEO-K10                  (SNAKE RUNNER)1.0m(L)X1.2m(H)27kg/SET
AEO-K11                       (SNAKE GATE)1.0m(L)X1.2m(H)22kg/SET
AEO-K12                                (T TYPE)1.0m(L) x 1.2m(H)14kg/SET
AEO-K13                           (FLEX TYPE)1.0m(L) x 1.2m(H)14.6kg/SET
AEO-K14                   (BARRIER TABLE)0.4m(L) x 1.0m(H)4.75kg/SET
AEO-K15                          (RAMP TYPE)0.15m(L) x 1.2m(H)3.2kg/SET
AEO-k16                              (TROLLEY)1.15m(L) x1.15m(H) x1.35m(D)30kg/SET