Perforated Mesh


Nowadays perforated mesh is all around us everywhere. The versatility of perforated mesh makes it a ideal material for multiple applications such as: Facades, cladding, ceiling, screens, balustrade infilling, walkway mesh, exhibition stands, etc.


1. Name: Perforated Mesh / Perforated Sheet / Punching Mesh / Decorative Mesh

2. Application: Outer wall decoration, ceiling, balustrade infilling, walkway pedal, window screen, filter, etc.

3. Material: Aluminum, Steel

4. Surface Finish:

  1) For aluminum material

    - Mill finish

    - Anodized finish (silver only)

    - Powder coated (any color)

    - PVDF (any color. smoother surface and longer life span)

  2) For iron steel material

    - Galvanized : Electric galvanized, Hot-dip galvanized

    - Powder coated

    - Spray painted



1. Used as decorative mesh for building outer wall

2. Visibility and colorful 

3. Rainstorm or insolation won`t hurt

4. Aluminum won`t get rusty

5. Anti-corrosive

6. Weight is light enough for outer wall hanging


Different Type of

Perforated Mesh

Simple SheetWaveEdge-foldWith FrameOther Application
Various of Hope Shape
Round HoleDiamond HoleHexagonal HoleSquare HoleProfiled Hole

Sheet Size (m)1x1m, 1x2m, 1.2x2.4m, 1.22x2.44m, etc
Thickness (mm)0.3 - 10mm, standard: 1mm, 2mm, 3mm, etc
Hole ShapeRound, square, diamond, hexagon, star, flower, etc
Perforation wayStraight perforation, staggered perforation
Remark: Other size and design are available.