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    All concert barriers look similar and function in the same way, however there is an enormous variation between brands in the specifications, manufacturing quality, product safety and price.
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    Anti-climb Fence (also named 358 high security fence) is a welded mesh system offering one of the most effective means of providing a high degree of physical perimeter protection. 1/2” x 3” mesh opening is the unique design in the products. Fingers or wir
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    at Booth No. H41 Area B (Building Materials)Hall 10.2 121st Canton Fair 1.Come !!! Visit our factory,be VIP & get own permanent VIP discount! 2.To visit a Real Factory after visiting the Fair! Only 40mins from fair. Only 30mins from airport.
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    Welded gabion is widely used at architecture, landscaping, retaining walls, flood protection, etc. It can be filled with colorful stones, shells or dry wood to decorate the place. By combining gabions in different way, they can form into various of intere